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Milano - Sanremo - Official site | General Provisions
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General Provisions



XII Historic Revival of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo 2021



Premises: the Automobile Club of Milan promotes and gives its patronage to the event Historical Re-enactment Coppa Milano-Sanremo of which was the historical organizer from 1906 to 1973. Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. (from here on “Equipe Grand Prix” or “Organizer”) promotes and organizes the Historical Re-enactment of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the general ACI-Sport regulations, which are herein referred to in full, shall apply.

Art. 1 – Event and date: Equipe Grand Prix announces and organizes, in collaboration with ASD Altomonferrato – Club della Ruggine, license holder of the organizer ACI Sport n. 29698, a classic regularity race for historic cars called “Rievocazione Storica Coppa Milano-Sanremo” scheduled from 6 to 6 May 2021.

Art. 2 – Characteristics of the event: tourist, sporting and cultural event on the ACI-Sport calendar – classic regularity of historic cars. The event is under the aegis of ACI-Sport and ASI.

Art. 3 – General and final programmes: general programmes are defined as indicative traces still in the definition phase, both with regard to the structures to be used and with regard to locations and routes. Equipe Grand Prix therefore undertakes to maintain the structures and services indicated in the final programmes; however, in the event of any unavailability of one or more services, for reasons beyond its control, it reserves the right to replace them with services and facilities of equal quality.

Art. 4 – Classic regularity of historic cars: the “Historical Re-enactment of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo”, is a national event, with foreign participation, of classic regularity for historic cars in combination with modern cars, and part of the Italian Major Events Championship held by ACI Sport.
The event will begin Thursday, May 6th, 2021 with the administrative and technical checks at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, the race route will be divided into two stages: the first with departure on Friday, May 7th from Milan and arrival in Rapallo, the second with departure on Saturday, May 8th from Rapallo and arrival in Sanremo.

The race will take place according to the regulations approved by ACI-Sport; for all other modes of development of the event, reference must be made to the RPG and the rules contained in the Regulations of the Historic Car Sector. An absolute general classification and further classifications for groups will be drawn up, selected on the basis of age and other criteria better described below. The timing service will be managed by Crono Car Service and will be divided into Time Controls, Timed Tests with detection to the nearest hundredth of a second by means of pressure switches and writing equipment, and in Average Tests with manual detection to the whole second. In terms of regulations, the ACI-Sport regulations will prevail.

Art. 5 – Admitted cars: all vintage cars registered in any country and produced from 1906 to 1976 are admitted to the event, provided that the conditions are of perfect efficiency and fidelity to the original model. For the purposes of admission, the vehicles must also be equipped with a registration certificate, number plates or suitable permits as well as RCA insurance to cover the risk of damage caused to third parties by the circulation of the vehicle during the Event. In the selection, for the purposes of admission to the Event, priority will be given to pre-war cars, sports cars, one- off pieces, special cars or cars of particular historical interest, it being understood that, under the same conditions, the chronological order of entry will prevail. Cars must be provided with one of the following valid sports documents:


– FICHE FIVA – ASI Certificate of homologation or identity ASI;
– Certificate of registration in the National Historical Register AAVS; – Regularity pass for FIA historic cars (FIA HRCP);
– FIVA identity card.

In the selection, for the purposes of admission to the event, a Selection Committee will establish, with its own independent and final decision, the cars to be admitted on the basis of criteria that favor the variety of models of the cars in the race, their representativeness within the various years of membership and the nationality of the registration plate.

The vehicles admitted may not be replaced, unless special authorisation has been granted by the Commission itself.

Art. 6 – Drivers/Drivers, navigators and passengers: for each car a crew of one or two people may be registered, one of them as driver and one as navigator. The competitor/driver (and the navigator who intends to take turns driving) must hold an ACI-Sport license, or a regularity license. For foreign drivers and navigators without a license, a temporary license issued by ACI CSAI may be issued, with limited validity for the Coppa Milano-Sanremo, provided that the person concer- ned is in possession of a medical certificate of good health. Only registered drivers in possession of a driving license may drive the car during the race.

Art. 7 – Participation fees:

The participation fee for Driver and navigator with accommodation in Double Room (Standard Cat.) is

3,000.00 € + VAT (22% ex art.7-quinquies DPR 633/72) = 3,660.00 €*

*The participation fee for registrations received by December 31 2020, is 2,500.00 € + VAT.

(22% ex art.7-quinquies DPR 633/72) = 3,050.00 €

Art. 8 – Additional services: flat-rate fees are provided according to the following formulae:

a) Car participating in the competition:

– Driver and navigator with accommodation in Double Room (Standard Cat.):

3.000,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 3.660,00.

– Driver and navigator with accommodation in n. 2 Single Rooms / n. 2 DUS (Standard Cat.):

4.000,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 4.880,00.

– Driver and navigator with accommodation in Double Room (Superior Cat.):

3.500,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 4.270,00.

– Driver and navigator with accommodation in n. 2 Single Rooms or n. 2 DUS (Cat. Superior:

5.000,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 6.100,00.

b) Support car with two companions:

– Accommodation in n.1 Double Room (Standard Cat.) + car stamps + n.1 road book:

2.000,00 € +22% VAT = Euro 2.440,00*.

– Accommodation in 2 Single Rooms / 2 DUS (Standard Cat.) + car stamps + 1 road book:

2.600,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 3.172,00*.

– Accommodation in 1 Double Room (Superior category) + car stamps + 1 road book:

3.000,00 € +22% VAT = Euro 3.660,00*.

– Accommodation in 2 Single Rooms / 2 DUS (Superior category) + car stamps + 1 road book:

3.400,00 € + 22% VAT = Euro 4.148,00*.

*The prices include lunches and dinners in the same locations of the crews.

c) Assistance car with two people

– Accommodation in Twin Double Room * (Standard Cat.) + car tax + road book:

1.500,00 € + 22%VAT = Euro 1.830,00. The price includes accommodation in a 3* hotel for two people.

*If available.

Art. 9 – Registration: registration is open from 25th September 2020 with the publication of these General Provisions and the general programme and will be received no later than 18 April 2021. Aspiring participants can register through the registration form available on the website www. milano-sanremo.it . Registration must be made with the payment of the full fee as a deposit. Payment must be made by bank transfer to:
“Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l.”.
Causal: “Registration XII Historical Revival of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo 2021”.
Bank Details: Banca Popolare di Sondrio Viale Belisario 1-20145 Milano (MI)
IBAN: IT38T0569601617000007351X81
BIC Code (Swift): POSOIT22XXX

The date of registration will be considered as the date of the value date of the transfer to the current account of Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l.. In case of non-acceptance, the entry fee will be refunded by bank transfer, net of bank charges.

By May 2nd, 2020 it will be the responsibility of the Organizing Committee to notify the acceptance or otherwise of the car and, in the latter case, return the deposit paid. The invoicing of the services offered may be cumulative for group registrations or single invoices for single entries.

Art. 10 – Contestations of fees: the Organization of the event assumes the existence of correspondents on site, imposes financial commitments with service providers, advertising costs to raise awareness of the event and other costs that can not be detailed, but must be considered in the construction of prices. The organization, in no case, after the event has taken place, will accept disputes about participation fees as these must be considered, based on quality, quantity, types of services and services offered, fair at the time of booking.

Art. 11 – Renunciations: partial or total renunciation of participation in the Event must be communicated in writing by the participant to Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l.. For communications received after 28/02/2021, the renunciation will be sanctioned with a penalty equal to 100% of the amount of the fee. For communications received before this deadline, the waiver will be sanctioned with a penalty equal to 50% of the amount of the fee. Similarly, no refund will be granted to those who do not show up at the start of the race or will give up during the course of the race itself. Likewise, no refund will be granted to those who could not physically reach the Event due to lack, or invalidity, or insufficiency of the required personal documents as well as the lack of the same for any expatriation. The participant who renounces (only one replacement per crew allowed) may be replaced by another person, provided that the communication reaches the Organizer in good time, or until the phase of accreditation and verification of sports (May 6th, 2021) and provided that there are no reasons hindering and / or organizational problems for accommodation other than those provided.

Art. 12 – Cancellation of the event: in the event that the event is cancelled or postponed, the Organization undertakes to promptly inform the participant. In case of total cancellation of the event, the Organization undertakes to refund in full the amount paid by the participant. Any form of compensation for damage and/or the payment of any compensation or penalty to the participant resulting from the postponement or cancellation, in whole or in part, of the event is excluded.

Art. 13 – Strikes – Pandemics – natural disasters – adverse weather conditions – civil and military unrest
– riots – acts of terrorism
: these facts and similar ones are causes of force majeure not attributable to the organizer: Any additional inconvenience or expense incurred by the participant will therefore not be reimbursed, nor will the services that for such causes fail and were not recoverable. Except as may be covered by the insurance guarantee provided by the organizer.

Art. 14 – Privacy: According to GDPR REG. EU 2016/676 on the protection of personal data processing. The name of each participant is entered in a database whose owner of the treatment is Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. The company or companies appointed by the same may use the data to send (postal, telephone, telematic) information material on its activities or advertising material relating exclusively to companies sponsors and / or partners related to Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. At any time, customers or anyone entered in the database Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. may have access to your data, request their modification or cancellation or oppose their use by writing a registered letter to Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. – Corso Sempione 30, 20154 Milan (Italy).

Art. 15 – Information and/or supplementary communications: the Organizer reserves the right to inform all members, by means of specific communications, of any changes or additions to these DGs and/or programmes, as well as information or clarifications for their best interpretation.

Art. 16 – Sponsors and/or partners: during the event, sponsors may be given space to promote products and/or services. Sponsorship can also be organized with the involvement of participants through games and any draws for prizes. Sponsorship formulas also provide for the distribution of advertising material and the inclusion of the sponsor company’s brand on the posters and stickers bearing the number, which must be displayed for the entire duration of the event.

Art. 17 – “Coppa Milano-Sanremo” trademark, distinctive signs, industrial property rights, copyright and third party services offered through the site or through links to certain third party websites: the registered user and/or participant in advance and expressly know that
they will not be able to claim any right on the registered trademark “Coppa Milano-Sanremo” nor any authorisation to use the same and undertake from now on, on their own and for their own navigators, drivers, crew and/or co-registered guests and/or co-participants, not to claim ownership, licence or any other right of use or exploitation. Furthermore, on their own behalf
and for their own navigators, drivers, crew and/or co-registered and/or co-participating guests, the member and/or participant hereby undertake not to deposit or use names, trademarks or other distinctive signs in combination with the name or registered trademark in question, and/or which are in any case graphically confusing with it. The title and copyright of the site www.milano- sanremo.it (including, but not limited to, all images, photographs, animations, videos, audio, music, text integrated into this site, and accompanying material) are the property of the company Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and are protected by copyright laws and the provisions of international treaties. The user may not copy and/or reproduce the material contained in the aforementioned site. Some services offered on the website www.milano-sanremo.it may include third party material or links to third party websites. The user is aware of this and accepts that Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and Automobile Club di Milano cannot be held responsible for examining or evaluating the content or accuracy of such material or third party websites.

Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. does not guarantee or confirm and will not have any responsibility for third party materials or websites, or for other materials, products or services of third parties. Links to other websites are provided for convenience only. You agree not to use any third party material in any manner that would infringe or violate the rights of any third party, and that Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. shall not be liable in any way for any such use by you.

Art. 18 – Acquisition of photographs and/or audiovisual footage and transfer of the relative rights:
each participant in any capacity whatsoever – registered directly and/or through third parties – hereby gives its consent to Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and/or its representatives to take their own photographs and/or audiovisual footage (hereinafter “Content”) and/or their own vehicle(s) and/ or property and/or their own trademarks during and in the context of the Event. Each participant in any capacity – registered directly and/or through third parties – also consents to transfer 
and transfer free of charge and unlimited to Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. the rights of exploitation, including for commercial use, of the Contents that Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and/or its agents will carry out during the Event. The aforementioned transfer also includes the right to store, commercially exploit and transfer to third parties, without time limits, as well as to disseminate part or all of the Content, even after editing, through any media (including but not limited to: catalogs, magazines, books, etc.) and / or any system of archiving and / or transmission currently known (including but not limited to: TV, radio, Internet, analogical and / or digital systems, online and offline) and / or invented in the future, all without limits of territory, of passages and in perpetuity. Each participant in any capacity – registered directly and/or through third parties – will indemnify and hold harmless Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and/or third parties entitled to any claims of third parties concerning the rights of exploitation of the Contents referred to in the article.

Art. 19 – Exemption from liability and indemnification: during the night hours of days 6, 7, 8 May 2021 Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. will entrust the surveillance of vehicles in the Event to a primary security company. Pursuant to and in accordance with art. 124 of the Private Insurance Code (Legislative Decree 209/2005), the Organizer has taken out a suitable insurance policy for the civil liability of sports competitions and competitions, as well as for third party liability, to cover the liability of the Organizer and other obligated parties for damage caused to persons, animals and property, excluding damage caused to the participants themselves and to the vehicles they use. Having taken note of the above, the Participant is aware of and accepts to take out a suitable insurance policy in compliance with the regulations in force and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Automobile Club d’Italia, ACI-Sport, Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l., and all the persons

in charge of the organization, the Automobile Clubs interested in the race, the Officials and the owners of the tracks where the race takes place from any liability for any damage to himself, his drivers, navigators, employees and agents or things, or produced or caused to third parties or things by the Participant, drivers, navigators, employees and agents.

Likewise, the Participant accepts that the organizer cannot be held responsible for theft and/or fire and/or other damage that your vehicle may suffer during the Event and as a result, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organizer and the Automobile Club of Milan from any and all liability for fire and / or theft and / or accidents and / or any damage that your vehicle may suffer throughout the duration of the sporting event and to waive for itself, for your heirs or assigns to advance against the Organizer and Automobile Club of Milan.

Art. 20 – Applicable law: these DGs are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Italian law.

Art. 21 – Exclusive jurisdiction: For any dispute relating to the interpretation and/or execution of these General Provisions, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Art. 22 – Arbitration clause: by registering, each Participant declares for himself and for his drivers, passengers, principals or agents, to know and accept the provisions of the Regulations of the Event and also declares to waive recourse for any reason to arbitrators or courts for facts arising from the organization and conduct of the event. Each competitor declares to be relieved of all liability for any damage caused during the event to ACI-Sport, ACI, FIVA and ASI, as well as to all bodies or associations that collaborate or sponsor the event, as well as to all bodies that own or manage the roads travelled, as well as to the Organisers, Equipe Grand Prix S.r.l. and to all persons in charge of the organisation, for any damage caused to it, its drivers, its passengers, its employees, or for damage caused to third parties or to the property of third parties that it takes part in, its drivers, its passengers, its employees, etc., by ACI-Sport, ACI-Sport, FIVA and ASI.


Equipe Grand Prix srl | Corso Sempione 30 — 20154 Milano | +39 02 36740917 — race.office@milano-sanremo.it